Shipbuilder Pacific Ocean Engineering & Trading chooses Siemens Marine Solutions for a 4200T Derrick Pipelay Barge project

October 13, 2010

POET Shipbuilding & Engineering Pte Ltd, one of the most recognised shipbuilding companies in Asia Pacific, has chosen Siemens Marine Solutions to provide an electrical and automation package for a Pipelay Barge owned by Swiber Offshore Marine.
The agreement, which will take a year to implement, will involve the electrification of the vessel with alternators, switchboards, transformers, grounding resistors and power management systems, and will help the ship improve its fuel economy. Siemens will provide the electrical and automation system to help optimize power distribution during crane and winch operations, improving the efficiency of the ship’s engines and reducing emissions for a more environmentally friendly vessel.

“We selected Siemens as the solutions provider due to the company’s ability to provide a comprehensive electrical and automation infrastructure,” said Mr. Yin Kum Wai, Project Manager for this project. “Furthermore, we are looking at implementing Siemens’ Green Ship Solutions in the new vessel. This helps lighten our carbon foot print and is in line with POET’s commitment to sustainable shipping.”

Siemens is providing the Power Generation System (PGS) for this vessel. The PGS is a modular hardware and software system. It controls and regulates power generation within independent electrical networks, and maintains a supply of sufficient electrical power to the consumer, as interruption-free as possible in all modes of operation. Protection for the network and the power generating aggregates is an integral component of the PGS. This control and regulation of power assists to improve the efficiency and distribution of the power that is onboard the vessel. Consequentially, the optimization of power will improve the efficiency of the running of the engines, by not allowing them to run often on partial load. Efficient running of engines equates to reduction in emissions, thus giving owners their requirement of sustainable environmental compatibility.

“Rising costs, increasing competition and ever stricter environmental regulations are driving many ship owners and shipbuilders to look at ways that they can sustainably increase the environmental compatibility and commercial efficiency of overall shipping operations,” said Mr. Chan Aik Kiong, Vice President of Siemens Industrial Technologies Division. “Siemens solutions, designed to optimize operating processes on board, will help POET to achieve that.”

The vessel will be used in offshore work for the oil and gas sector. She has the flexibility of accommodating 320 persons, pipelaying capability and heavy lift operations.

Principal particulars of the barge are as follows: – Name of vessel: Swiber Magnificent – Length: 156M – Breadth: 50M – Depth: 12M – Class: BV – Flag: Panama – Heavy lift capability: 3800 metric tonnes – Pipelay capability: up to 60” diameter pipes – Mooring winches: 12-point mooring – Accommodation capacity: 320 persons – Ballast system: 2 x 1500 m3/hr pumps – Anti-heeling / fast ballast system: 4 x 3000 m3/hr pumps – Generators: 6 x 2400 kilowatts – Helideck: suitable for S-92 or S-61N

About Pacific Ocean Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd (POET)
PACIFIC OCEAN ENGINEERING & TRADING PTE LTD (POET), under the umbrella of POET INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PTE LTD, is a 100% local owned company. POET was founded in 1990. Its core business is focused mainly on the Shipbuilding Engineering as well as Trading of Marine Equipment within the Asia Pacific Region, mainly in Singapore, China, Indonesia & Malaysia as well as some of the Western Europe and Middle East countries.

Its shipbuilding experiences started from the early days of building small tugboats & barges, through the growing years of shipbuilding experiences across diverse platforms. Today, POET has established itself as one of the most recognized shipbuilding companies in the Asia Pacific, with good consistent annual turnover, offering not only supplies of marine equipment, but also the capability to build and customize a full range of small to large marine vessels to meet the marine industry’s needs.

About Siemens Singapore

With 6 companies and employing more than 2,100 people, Siemens is one of the largest European companies in Singapore. Siemens delivers cutting-edge solutions and technologies in the fields of industry, energy and healthcare. Established in Singapore since 1908, it is responsible for many of the country’s key infrastructure projects, and has been setting the pace of growth and development for this island-nation. In fiscal 2009 (October 1, 2008 – September 30, 2009), sales to customers amounted to EUR 448 million.
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